Labor of Love:

A Spiritual Companion for Servant Leaders

Leadership demands are immense for schools.


Educators and faculty are challenged with raising student learning within a rapidly changing digital and global environment. To do so requires relentless focus, perseverance and time, leaving little opportunity for personal development and leadership improvement. 


Labor of Love: A Spiritual Companion for Servant Leaders explores timeless lessons—mostly from a Christian perspective— that support the transformative journey for school administrators and other servant leaders. Readers can find quick inspirational teachings that fit in their busy schedules and greatly impact their overall leader effectiveness. 


"I read a lot of blogs. I do not read one that more powerfully touches my soul than yours, Joe. Thanks for sharing this gift with us."

Chad Harnisch

High School Principal

Middleton, WI


Could You be A More Impactful, Whole, and Peaceful Leader?

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